Before air can enter the combustion chamber of your engine, it first has to enter the air filter, travel through intake piping or tubing, pass through the throttle body, enter the intake manifold, and finally enter the cylinder head. There are many points along the path of this air flow where the air encounters a heat source. The ambient air temperature within the engine compartment can heat all of the surfaces along this path. This is called heat soak and it robs power from your engine. Most of the power robbing heat soak occurs when the cylinder head heats up the intake manifold.

NextGear Thermoshield Gaskets prevent this heat soak from occurring by insulating the intake against the unwanted heat generated by the cylinder head. NextGear Thermoshield Gaskets are direct replacement parts for your OEM intake manifold gasket. Thermoshield Gaskets increase the power output from your engine by preventing heat soak between the cylinder head and the intake manifold keeping your intake cooler. A cooler intake means denser more oxygen rich air and a better fuel burn resulting in more power.

How do Thermoshield Gaskets work? They maintain a colder air charge all the way to the combustion chamber. Cold air is denser than hot air but has less volume. When cold air is delivered to the combustion chamber, the fuel/air mixture within the chamber contains more oxygen, which means a better burn, and more power.

If you've spent time and money installing a cold air system then you know the value of cold air in the combustion chamber. But if you're not careful, just when the air is hitting the most critical part of the system, unwanted heat soak can undo all the effort you spent getting the air cold. NextGear Thermoshield Gaskets as provide a line of defense against heat soak, and a strong offense for making horsepower.

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